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  • Challenge Day 2016!
    Challenge Day 2016!
    Be The Change You Want to See In The World!
  • Costume Day!
  • Student Council 2017
  • Class of 2017!
  • Band Camp Sky Shot 2016
  • CTEi makes a Patriot's Table!
  • LHS Cheerleaders!
  • Students of the Month for Term 1
    Students of the Month for Term 1
    Congratulations to Students of the Month for Term 1!
    (Left to right back row) Jackdickson Dankwah, Maxwell Richards, Luis Aviles, Tyler Steffey, Dominic Gyles-Carter
    (left to right front row) Sheealeigh Blood, Alexis Hahn, Alexandria Gagne, Nancy Amankwah, Angela Morin, Noel Rymbai, Monique Contreras
    Absent: Andrew Harrington and Savannah Kennedy.
LHS/CTEi Master Calendar